Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New Haircut, New Attitude for Ai-chan!

You heard it here first: Ai Miyazato's new haircut will propel her to victory in the Navistar LPGA Classic this weekend, breaking Lorena Ochoa's winning streak and her recent slump in the same stroke! She's got a great starting time tomorrow, so look for her to rock the course despite its length. Do not question the power of the bangs.


spyder said...

Isn't cutting your hair supposed to make you weaker?? Or does that only apply to Semetic semi-dieties based on Herculean legends????

The Constructivist said...

Perhaps you did not read my last sentence! ;)

If Samson had kept bangs, the story would have ended up quite differently, I can assure you.

spyder said...

I question the power of the bangs. Samson was blinded, and thus bangs would not have mattered. Bangs blowing in the breeze are another matter, and thus must be kept beneath the visor. We shall see no bangs.