Sunday, October 7, 2007

Gnarly, dude: role model for little girls

Her name is Chicchi.

Here she is being a secret agent - honestly, what more could you want from a Magical Girl? (It takes awhile to get started.)

Here she is playing with some young ladies known as Hot Style:

You get the idea. Just search for "chicchi" on the TwoYubes.


Anonymous said...

I suppose one of my guitar heroes can rest easier now that his electric guitar stylings are being honored almost 50 years later by a young girl. Dick Dale, we'll still miss you.

The Constructivist said...

thank youu

typed onechan. she liked all the clips but maybe the last one the best. she wondered whether her mom was watching her during the first clip and during the last whether her dad was watching her. she's convinced most everyone playing with her was a family member, too.

Bill Benzon said...

Well, now you got your Japanese American Christmas Hannukah orders: bass guitar for mom (to hold things down), rhythm guitar for dad, lead guitar for onechan, and drums for imoto. Sparkychan and Gojochan can do back up vocals.

Bill Benzon said...

BTW, Chicchi's back-up group is called the Hot Papas, pretty racy for an 8 year-old. I wonder if she does onechan-style exercises too.