Sunday, November 4, 2007

Take Your Blog to the Course IV: The Asian Swing

Even though the Asian Swing won't be on tv in the U.S., it's a much more significant part of the LPGA season than the PGA's fall finish. Most of the best LPGAers are playing in the limited-field events in Korea, Thailand, and Japan the next three weeks, where they'll be facing off against the top golfers in Asia. Can Suzann Pettersen close the money gap between her and Lorena Ochoa enough in the next month to have a chance to steal the money title from her by winning the $1M prize at the ADT Championship? Can other top women golfers join Ochoa and Pettersen as multiple winners this year on the LPGA Tour, or will Super Sophs Jee Young Lee and Ai Miyazato join the ranks of the 2007 Rolex First-Time Winners? If KLPGA stars like Ji-Yai Shin, Eun-Hee Ji, or Sun Ju Ahn or JLPGA stars like Momoko Ueda, Sakura Yokomine, or Shinobu Moromizato win one of these events, will they join the LPGA in 2008?

As with our previous take your blog to the course events, I'll post here most any link or submission I receive at the[underscore]constructivist18[at]yahoo[dot]com between October 18 and November 5. The purpose remains to encourage those who don't normally blog or LPGA blog to give it a shot, as well as highlight the work of regular LPGA golf writers and bloggers. So start submitting!

November 4
In which Hound Dog explains why he left me to hold the fort this weekend (and surveys the final round of the Mizuno Classic), Mulligan Stu covers the Laura Davies angle in two ways, Bill Jempty and Don comment on Momoko Ueda's win, and I celebrate it.

November 3
In which Round 2 of the Mizuno Classic sparks metaphysical questions from Bill Benzon and me.

November 2
In which Don at With Malice and I survey the first round of the Mizuno Classic.

November 1
In which Don previews the Mizuno Classic from Japan.

October 31
In which Hound Dog previews the Mizuno Classic and I rank the Super Sophs.

October 30
In which I preview the Mizuno Classic and look ahead to the ADT Championship.

October 29
In which I point the way to the official site for the Mizuno Classic.

October 28
In which Hound Dog describes just how close Pettersen's 5th win of the season turned out to be, Mulligan Stu reminds us why we shouldn't be too disappointed for Laura Davies, and I thank the golf gods for small favors.

October 27
In which Hound Dog continues to hold down the fort.

October 26
In which Hound Dog holds down the fort.

October 25
In which I make what turns out to be a prescient prediction and Hound Dog surveys the first round of the Honda LPGA Thailand.

October 24
In which Hound Dog previews the Honda Thailand event and Bill Benzon shows what the players are in search of.

October 23
In which Hound Dog explains his player ranking system for new readers and I roll out my own.

October 22
In which I try and fail to get the taste of the Mostly Harmless jinx out of my mouth and the smell off my clothes. Hound Dog has a better way. Two.

October 21
In which the Mostly Harmless jinx shows me who is boss and Hound Dog comments on the cancellation of the third round.

October 20
In which I note an irony and try to confuse the Mostly Harmless jinx, while Hound Dog gives a second-round overview.

October 19
In which a player I had lost hope in gives me cause for optimism, Hound Dog gives a first-round overview, and Don compares the fortunes of the JPGA and the JLPGA.

October 18
In which I call for a certain blogging MoWietoWieum, Hound Dog previews the Shin-Ochoa showdown in Korea, and Bill Benzon shows why it can't be said of Mostly Harmless that it don't mean a thing.


With Malice said...

Thanks a heap for the linking, and keep an eye on Ryo Ishikawa, the Shy Prince!

The Constructivist said...

I was bemused at the obsessive coverage while I was there in Japan. I'm all Prince-d out, and hope he just enjoys the rest of his adolescence, unlike M------- W--....

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