Friday, October 5, 2007

Yes, Bamboo

You can learn a lot from bamboo, especially if you're playing at the Longs Drugs Challenge this week (unlike Moira Dunn). How to let a slump blow right through you and spring back upright, better than ever. How to bounce back from a bad round and play well enough today to make the cut and keep your card.* How to bend without breaking.

*Speaking of playing for your card, Shigeki Maruyama had one of his best rounds of the season yesterday and is tied for 2nd at the Valero Texas Open. Here's hoping this is the start of his return to form rather than another opportunity for the Mostly Harmless jinx to strike.

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spyder said...

Well Morgan Pressel looks like she won't make the cut along with a chunk of others out there. The Danville course (they used to play this outside of Sacramento at times) is a mix of canyon bottoms and hills, and depending upon the weather (raining now with thunderstorms, but supposed to be almost perfect on Sat and Sun) there can be some swirling winds coming down across the course. If you make the cut today, there might be some chance of moving big over the weekend.