Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I had a dream

Hey, Sparkychan, I had a strange dream last night.

You did? Tell me about it.

As I was saying

I dreamt that some old meanie attacked us and imprisoned us in a box.

Oh, that's a scary dream, Gojochan, very scary.

And then, you know what, Sparkychan?

What? Tell me tell me!

They sent the box into space. Way way way out there to no where.

That's scary, very scary. Gives me the creeping creepies.

Yeah, and we didn't have any tea in the box!

No tea! What about ice cream?

No ice cream either.

Wow, Gojochan, that is a very scary dream. No tea and ice cream. I don't know if I could live without tea and ice cream.

Yeah, but then you know what happened?


The box stopped moving . . .

Yes, yes . . .

And the top opened up . . .

And . . . .

And there was a lovely little girl who lifted us out.


And gave us a ride in her baby carriage.

Sounds like fun!

Oh, it was Sparkychan, lots of fun. And she had a little sister who was very nice as well.

Wow, two little girls to play with us. What fun. But, um, err . . . did they drink tea with us, Gojochan?

I don't know, Sparkychan. All of a sudden the dream was over and I woke up.

I wonder if those little girls were from Kansas.

I don't know Sparkychan, but they sure were strong and brave.


The Constructivist said...

Onechan had me read this to Gojochan and Sparkychan--they had forgotten about this dream until now! Imoto, on my other knee, was screaming, "Gotoda! Gotodan!" Which is as close as she can get to Gojochan so far.

bill benzon said...

Ah, I guess the shock and surprise of being rescued in such a charming way made it impossible to Sparkychan and Gojochan to remember their ordeal.