Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Mostly Harmless Jinx Strikes Again: Kyoraku Cup in Fukuoka (Again)

What's the biggest international team competition in women's golf? You may think the Solheim Cup (Team Europe vs. Team USA) or the Lexus Cup (Team Asia vs. Team International), but consider the annual showdown between the top Korean and Japanese golfers, formerly known as the Pinx Cup and for the past two years known as the Kyoraku Cup. Team Korea has won 4 of the last 5 matches (the other was a snow-shortened tie), so Team Japan has major motivation this time around. That said, they are incredible underdogs this year, as most of their biggest stars are not participating.

I couldn't attend the 2006 contest, held at the Fukuoka Century Club, for two reasons. First, I was giving a talk at the Kyushu American Literature Society at the same time. Second, and more important, I didn't know about the Kyoraku Cup. You start blogging and you learn things...but sometimes a few months too late. And of course this December I'll be on the wrong side of the world. Figures.

Hey, at least I'm not at Q-School.

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