Monday, November 5, 2007

starship empire dancer

starship empire dancer.jpg

and the little people:

breakwater close-up at dawn.jpg


spyder said...

Next week in Massachusetts, for your edification and pleasure:
A DREAM WE DREAMED ONE AFTERNOON: The Contested Meaning of the Psychedelic 60's
David Lenson (chair)
Nicholas Bromell
Dennis McNally (discussant)
Christopher Appy (discussant)

HELL IN A BUCKET: Critical Theory and Dead Philosophy
Nicholas Meriwether (moderator)
Steve Gimbel
Stanley Spector
James Tuedio

BY THE GRACE OF GOD: Religion & The Grateful Dead
David Bryan (chair)
Jenny Hartley
Leora Lawton
Paul Gass

The Constructivist said...

spyder, wanna take a detour through WNY on your way back (if you're not flying, that is)?

Anonymous said...
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