Wednesday, August 27, 2008

News Flash! Momoko Ueda Injury

The Full Metal Archivist called me over my lunch break to tell me about a grotesque accident that befell Momoko Ueda recently. Apparently something happened in a photo shoot that ripped the fingernails completely off at least one hand. I'll try to get confirmation on this and details when I get home. I haven't seen this story hit the English-language media or golfosphere. Anyone read/hear anything about it?

[Update 1 (7:13 pm): All right, this is the basic story coming out of the Kyodo News Service. Ueda was in a photo shoot for the Yonex Ladies event this week on the JLPGA when a flash startled the service dog (seeing-eye dog?), causing it to lunge away. Ueda reached out with her left hand to grab the dog's leash, but lost at least a few fingernails when she couldn't stop the dog. (Itai!!--now I know why those extra-long fingernails of hers have always worried me.) She's withdrawn from the tournament. More later when I can get a working translation of Ueda's latest blog post from the Full Metal Archivist.]

[Update 2 (7:47 pm): Ah, nothing special, just a quick note to her fans saying she hopes nobody gets the wrong impression about service dogs from her accident. Gotta keep those sponsors happy (according to the FMA)....]

[Update 3 (8:02 pm): From what I can understand of the babelfish translation of a Japanese web site that Go-Kimmie-Go provided at Seoul, Ueda only lost 1 nail, on the middle finger of her left hand. BTW, do you think babelfish could pass the Bivens test?]


Anonymous said...

OUCH !!!!!!!!! I've lost a fingernail from a crushed finger - and that hurt enough - I can't imagine losing more than one like that. Hope she's well and back playing soon.

The Constructivist said...

I've come close but never lost one entirely. Doesn't that kind of accident just make you cringe?