Monday, September 15, 2008

Ai Miyazato Schedule Update

I know for sure Ai Miyazato is committed to the Japan Women's Open, which is being played opposite the LPGA's Samsung Championship. Which makes me wonder if she'll be hanging with Momoko Ueda between now and then, playing in the 2 tune-up events before the JWO. And how she'll set her schedule for the rest of October. Looking over the rest of the JLPGA schedule, it strikes me that there are a heck of a lot of yen on the table in October and November. Of course, there's a lot at stake in the ADT Championship, as well, and Ai-chan's about to be on the bubble for it after next week's event's results knock her out of the top 10 of the second-half money list. Conceivably, she could wait for the LPGA to come to Asia before leaving the JLPGA, but that sure puts a lot of pressure on her to qualify for the ADT in a limited amount of time.

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