Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bell Micro Sunday: Way to Go, Angela!

No time now for a post on the final round of the Bell Micro LPGA Classic, so I'll send you over to Hound Dog for a great play-by-play of just how close this ended up being. Congratulations to Angela Stanford for holding it together just well enough to hold off Shanshan Feng, Kim Hall, and Katherine Hull.

[Update 1 (9/15/08, 3:48 am): And, for that matter, congratulations to Feng, Hall, Hull, Hee Young Park, Danielle Downey, Mollie Fankhauser, and Irene Cho for their great finishes. Nice job by spreading the love. Feng is now in the thick of the race for the top 50 and she and Park are in great position to qualify for the ADT Championship. Hull is definitely one of the hottest players on tour, despite her disapppointing Sunday. Hall's 3rd-place finish gives the Stanford Junior Mint that one good finish she needed to secure her card yet again (for the second straight year). Downey is now is Moira Dunn territory on the top 80 bubble, which means I now have 2 NYers to agonize over this fall (Cho got off it with her top 20 this week). And Fankhauser joins Michelle Ellis in getting new life on the race for the top 100, at least (although the weekend was not kind to Ellis, who lost ground to Reilley Rankin).

Didn't see the kinds of moves I was hoping for from Seon Hwa Lee, Angela Park, Paula Creamer, Jeong Jang, or Stacy Lewis today. With Song-Hee Kim's and Sun Young Yoo's coming too little, too late, I came in last in this week's Pakpicker! Bad weekend and all, it was Cristie Kerr who saved me from getting shut out. Ouch. Better luck in 2 weeks, eh?]

[Update 2 (10:14 am): Hound Dog's epilogue puts the peak performances this week in perspective.]


Anonymous said...

MY GOODNESS !!! I wonder if Hee Young Park needs someone to carry her bag at the Navistar !! I'm thinking happily ever after. :-)

Shanshan Feng was very impressive today - not giving up and putting that good round in the books. That's a money player.

The Constructivist said...

Sometimes it takes rookies the following year to really find their "sea legs" on the LPGA. It's great to see Feng and Park (and even Rawson) start playing better already!

Anonymous said...

lol - "and speaking of legs" - nice of you to throw Rawson in on that list. :-) I wonder how much further up the ladder she might be if modelling didn't take up so much of her schedule...then again, I'm sure she's making a lot more money off the course than on.