Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mission Hills Tuesday Pairings

The Mission Hills sectional qualifier for the LPGA's Q-School begins in just a few hours. Here are the premier pairings:

Dinah Shore Course

#10 pairing. 10th tee, 8:25 am: Michelle Wie (Honolulu, HI); Becky Brewerton (Kinmel Bay, UK), Shiho Oyama (Japan)

#22 pairing. 10th tee, 9:25 am: Susan Nam (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada); Jeehae Lee (Seoul, South Korea); Sun-Ju Ahn (Gyeonggi-do, South Korea)

#6 pairing. 10th tee, 8:05 am: Miki Saiki (Hiroshima, Japan); Caroline Park (Seoul, South Korea); Selanee Henderson (Temecula, CA)

#13 pairing. 1st tee, 8:45 am: Hoi Ning Eva Yoe (Hong Kong, China); Whitney Wade (Glasgow, KY); Melissa Reid (Derby, UK)

#28 pairing. 10th tee, 9:55 am: Anna Nordqvist [a] (Eskilstuna, Sweden); Kiran Matharu (Leeds, UK); Jeannine Fiorito (Las Vegas, NV)

#12 pairing. 10th tee, 8:35 am: Masayo Yonamine [a] (Japan); Eileen Vargas (Ibague, Colombia); Mika Miyazato [a] (Japan)

Arnold Palmer Course

#49 pairing. 1st tee, 9:25 am: Martina Eberl (Munich, Germany); Stacy Lewis (The Woodlands, TX); Dana Bates (Thousand Palms, CA)

#36 pairing. 10th tee, 8:15 am: Alison Walshe [a] (Westford, MA); Gina Umeck (Redlands, CA); Christina Lecuyer (Edmonton, Canada)

Don't know how I missed that Walshe and Nordqvist are in the field! Sorry about that.

[Update 1 (12:13 pm): Brent Kelley IDs a few more in the field.]

[Update 2 (12:15 pm): Courtesy of Brent, here's the link to the old-fashioned scoreboard (it only updates once a player's round is complete.]

[Update 3 (12:16 am): Hound Dog's ready for your comments.]

[Update 4 (7:27 pm): Well, 34 players shot par or better, and 82 players shot 75 or better. In that top 34 are most of the usual suspects (with Sun-Ju Ahn leading the way at -6), as well as surprises like amateurs Leanne Bowditch and Garrett Phillips (69s). But dealing with the cut line tomorrow will be Becky Brewerton (73), Mika Miyazato (73), Maru Martinez (73), Ashley Prange (73), Christina Lecuyer (73), Melissa Reid (74), Samantha Richdale (74), Sara Brown (74), Chella Choi (75), Jenny Suh (75), Misun Cho (75), Rebecca Kim (75), Esther Choe (76), Dewi Claire Schreefel (77), Kiran Matharu (77), and Pornanong Phatlum (78). Here's the LPGA's overview.]


Anonymous said...

No live scoring - guess we have to keep working today and wait another 5 or so hours for results.

Those times are pacific time, so it's going to be a while.

Anonymous said...

No Tiffany Joh ? I thought she was going to give it a try this year.

Decent start for Wie - under par, but on the easier of the two courses. Should be an interesting next 3 days. (Let's hope she doesn't have all that school work on her mind) :-)

The Constructivist said...

Nah, everything I've read suggests T-Joh plans to get her degree.

Is Wie even registered for classes this quarter?