Thursday, September 25, 2008

Navistar Classic Pairings

Sorry for the delay in my traditional pre-tournament pairings post--still dealing with that family health/work crunch confluence I mentioned last week....

But get a load of the prime-time groups going off the front in the early afternoon:

Start Time: 11:45 AM
Katherine Hull
Morgan Pressel
Karen Stupples

Start Time: 11:56 AM
Seon Hwa Lee
Yani Tseng
Lorena Ochoa

Start Time: 12:07 PM
Nicole Castrale
Cristie Kerr
Stacy Prammanasudh

Start Time: 12:18 PM
Kristy McPherson
Sophie Gustafson
Maria Hjorth

Start Time: 12:29 PM
Jimin Kang
Minea Blomqvist
Teresa Lu

Yes, that's the 2006 rookie of the year and the 2008 ROY race leader playing 2 rounds with the world #1! What could be better?

Well, no other threesome this week. But their opposite numbers going off the back in the early afternoon come the closest:

Start Time: 8:07 AM
Song-Hee Kim
Meena Lee
Angela Stanford

Start Time: 8:18 AM
Kim Hall
Katie Futcher
Laura Diaz

Start Time: 8:29 AM
Jee Young Lee
Michele Redman
Young Kim

Start Time: 8:40 AM
Christina Kim
Shanshan Feng
Se Ri Pak

Start Time: 8:51 AM
Ji Young Oh
Karrie Webb
Kyeong Bae

If Jee Young Lee had replaced Kyeong Bae, those last 2 threesomes would have been even more impressive than they already are. For Feng to be paired with a Hall of Famer and one of the best Americans in the field shows what respect the 2nd-tier rookies are getting this time of year.

Speaking of Feng's peers, check out the early afternoon pairings going off the 10th tee:

Start Time: 11:45 AM
Brittany Lang
Shi Hyun Ahn
Joo Mi Kim

Start Time: 11:56 AM
Hee-Won Han
Louise Friberg
Hee Young Park

Start Time: 12:07 PM
Candie Kung
Lorie Kane
Sung Ah Yim

Start Time: 12:18 PM
Julieta Granada
Mi Hyun Kim
Angela Park

Start Time: 12:29 PM
Becky Morgan
H.J. Choi
Giulia Sergas

Han is one of those players I'm already 2nd-guessing myself for not picking this week; for Friberg and Park to play with her is a great opportunity.

Speaking of great opportunities, check out the early morning pairings going off the 1st tee:

Start Time: 8:07 AM
Brandie Burton
Christa Johnson
Meaghan Francella

Start Time: 8:18 AM
Sun Young Yoo
In-Kyung Kim
Silvia Cavalleri

Start Time: 8:29 AM
Diana D'Alessio
Lindsey Wright
Janice Moodie

Start Time: 8:40 AM
Jane Park
Allison Fouch
Eun-Hee Ji

Start Time: 8:51 AM
Jeong Jang
Rachel Hetherington
Wendy Ward

Yup, that's Junior Mint Fouch paired with Super Sophs Ji and Park.

Outside the prime-time pairings are Stacy Lewis (getting Michelle Wie's traditional 1st off the 10th time), Moira Dunn (7:12 am off #10), Ashleigh Simon and Sandra Gal (7:56 am off the ast and 10th tees, respectively), Danielle Downey (1:13 pm off #10), Anna Rawson (1:35 pm off #1), and Na On Min (1:46 pm off #10).

Should be some very good golf today as players race to qualify for the ADT Championship, the Asian swing, and to avoid having to go back to Q-School.... Here's the live scoring link. Enjoy!

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