Saturday, November 22, 2008

ADT Championship Saturday: And Then There Were 8

What can I say about the 3rd round of the ADT Championship that hasn't already been noted by, summarized by Average Golfer, or recapped by Hound Dog? Well, maybe a few things.

  • Who would have thought 2 of the hottest golfers left in the field, Katherine Hull and In-Kyung Kim, would all of a sudden blow up with 41s on the front?
  • Hats off to Suzann Pettersen and Ji-Yai Shin for stringing together birdies in bunches just when they needed them--Pettersen to make up for her early triple bogey (and then some), Shin at crunch time (on 3 of her last 4 holes).
  • Clutch birdie by Eun-Hee Ji to get back to E and into that playoff, eh? Did I tell you she reminded me of Seon Hwa Lee? It's no coincidence that they're the last Super Soph and Junior Mint standing in 2008, I don't think.
  • Watch out for Paula Creamer when she's sick and Seon Hwa Lee when she's playing for high stakes.

Here are the pairings for the final round. I love it that Seon Hwa chose to go off 1st with Pettersen. Jang's reason for choosing to play with Creamer was hilarious--she loves to play before big galleries! Webb ending up with Shin is priceless, as they've duelled more than once in Australia. And the Ji-Stanford pairing could have lots of drama tomorrow.

This is not to be missed! I just have to find out which friend will let me bring the girls over for 3 hours to watch it on their TV. Onechan will be rooting for Paula and Karrie; I'll be rooting for Seon Hwa and Eun-Hee. Hopefully one of us will come home happy....

[Update 1 (11/23/08, 2:27 am): Geoff Shackelford shows remarkable taste with his choice of title!]


Bobbio said...

With those start times better stay off the net if you plan to watch. God forbid they show it live.

The Constructivist said...

I know--what a dilemma, eh? I have to nail down a friend's tv to mooch off/view on by early Sunday am...or I risk missing everything.

The thing about this format, too, is that one hot start by anyone puts pressure on everyone else to match it, which more often than not leads to very high numbers. Not that this necessarily gets decided early, because with thse 3 finishing holes anything can happen to the hottest of golfers, but you really don't want to miss a moment, either live or "live."

The Florida Masochist said...


Did you know yesterday was the first time Webb beat a South Korean in a playoff. She was 0-4 previously. 3 losses to Se Ri Pak, one to Seon Hwa Lee

I came up with a couple of storylines depending on who wins today

Angela Stanford- Would she be considered defending champion at next year's year ending tour championship. Stanford defends at Stanford.
Eun Hee Ji- If she wins, will she give her acceptance speech in English? Her use of an interpreter at Wegman's supposedly sparked the controversial English policy.
Suzann Pettersen- Would end the Korean LPGA curse. No winner of the event now known as the Hana Bank Kolon since 2003 has won again on the LPGA Tour.

The Constructivist said...

Nice finds, Bill!