Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hana Bank/KOLON Championship Sunday: Candie Kung Does It!

Hound Dog's final-round recap and the notes and interviews from the Hana Bank/KOLON Championship announce the news: Candie Kung has won for the 1st time since her 3-win season in 2003. Congratulations to Kung, whose resurgence I had hoped for but not predicted back in January. More later.

[Update 1 (8:54 am): The #2 rivalry on the LPGA just heated up. With Kung's win this season matching Natalie Gulbis's in 2007, and Gulbis's injuries limiting her schedule almost as much this season as Kung's did last one, Kung's $250K+ lead on the road to the $4M mark in career earnings should motivate Gulbis when she returns to the LPGA in 2009.]

[Update 2 (11/3/08, 1:16 am): The Florida Masochist congratulates Kung and points out an odd moment in the post-round interview.]

[Update 3 (1:25 am): Ryan Ballengee remarks on Kung's resurgence.]

[Update 4 (3:10 am): Here's Hound Dog's epilogue.]

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