Thursday, March 12, 2009

Annoying LPGA Stats Bugs

Maybe Hound Dog can find out what's up with this, but I've noticed that the LPGA hasn't updated their key performance stats for the players who competed in the early-season Asian Swing. By my count, their figures for greens in regulation, driving accuracy and distance, and total putts and putts per green in regulation are based only on SBS Open results. Which is why, for instance, Lorena Ochoa doesn't show up in them. And why their averages and raw numbers don't add up.

[Update 1 (12:06 pm): Click on Ji-Yai Shin's performance chart for another glitch. The LPGA fails to list Shin's unofficial winnings at Thailand, where she finished T13 on a sponsor exemption, in the column for them. But her career winnings include them, which is why they're higher than her official season winnings. That's better than Shiho Oyama's situation--according to the LPGA, she hasn't played this year. While she may wish she hadn't, she most definitely has.]


Hound Dog said...

I was told by an LPGA official late last year that the numbers don't add up because they don't have staff in place at all events to track fairways hit, GIR, PPGIR, etc. He specifically mentioned the Asian events as those which don't get stats collected.

The Constructivist said...

I'd rather see them collect the info from the players/caddies, even if it's flawed, than throw up their hands. I'm amazed they can't hire people to do this--I'm not aware of any other tour having this problem.