Sunday, March 22, 2009

Futures Tour Link-o-Rama

Some great stories coming out of the 1st week of the Futures Tour's 2009 season. Kevin Minnick reported that Angela Oh was unable to afford the attempt to Monday-qualify in Mexico. Lisa Mickey profiled 1st-round leader Song-Yi Choi, who shot a 64 Thursday despite flying in late from a failed Monday-qualifier attempt (by 2 shots) in Mexico this week. Mickey struck again in her 2nd-round recap, giving as much attention to Nicole Hage and Alison Walshe as to Choi's struggles in the wind. The final-round pairings are very interesting, as well. There are only 2 threesomes within 5 shots of the lead, but another 13 within 10. And at this level, all kinds of Sunday numbers are not only possible, but plausible. If the Florida winds stay up, Winter Haven will be anything but for most of the field on the 3rd day of spring. Every day is a final exam on the FT, but this one should prove tougher than most.

[Update 1 (3/25/09, 12:31 am): Forgot to link the to final results. Heartbreaking playoff loss for Song Yi Choi, but great come-from-behind win for Jean Reynolds. Florida winds did end up playing havoc with scoring for most in the field, which makes the 69s by Ashley Prange and Dewi Claire Schreefel all the more impressive. Next up in early April is the iMPACT Invitational. Be there or I'll write a post in all caps except for 1st letters of each word!]

[Update 2 (3/27/09, 3:05 am): Beth Ann Baldry does a nice job with her FT coverage!]

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