Wednesday, March 11, 2009

LPGA Expansion Possibilities

Yes, the LPGA has been on a roll lately, what with the good news that the Samsung will be held at Torrey Pines in '09 (and maybe '10) and that IMG is responsible for the season-ending Tour Championship (not the Stanford Financial Group).

Well, the good news keeps on coming. Interesting (potential) news from Eric Pfahler: the LPGA has opened up talks with a group looking to bring the tour to St. Lucie County, FL, and the Bahamas. Sounds a little less likely to happen than what Gary Baines is reporting: Hollis Stacy is trying to lure the tour back to Colorado. If it happens, I know who their first sponsor exemptions should be: Kimberly Kim and Sue Kim of the University of Denver (as of this coming fall, that is). Even if neither of these projects pan out, I'm encouraged by the fact that folks are announcing that they want an association with the LPGA.

Now do you see why I'm so optimistic about the LPGA getting a network TV deal for 2010-2015?


Unknown said...

How are they getting a network deal when they just signed a 10 year deal with Golf Channel??

The Constructivist said...

Although this post is a bit outdated in certain ways, the fundamentals are still true:

Short version is that the LPGA is free to reserve some events for the networks.