Wednesday, March 18, 2009

MasterCard Classic Preview/Predictions

It seems like forever, but the LPGA will finally be in action again this week at the MasterCard Classic. As I've already explained why this year's event is likely to be so interesting, I'll simply provide the links to Hound Dog's preview, the field (which is stronger than the SBS Open's, according to Hound Dog), tournament history, site, Charlotte Mayorkas's 2007 blog, Louise Friberg's current blog, and the Seoul discussion forum...and move on to my predictions in this week's Pakpicker.

1. Shin
2. Jane Park
3. Ochoa
4. Hull
5. Tseng
6. Choi Na Yeon
7. Kerr
8. Creamer
9. Yang
10. Lee Seon Hwa
11. Lewis
12. Ji

Alts: Monke, Pettersen, Mundy

With a Friday start, the tournament organizers still haven't announced the pairings. More on them soon.

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