Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ya Ni Tseng Doing What?

Should this John Strege post be filed under "truth is stranger than fiction" or "too weird to be true"? Look, I can understand being angry at a politician, and I can understand trying to use your celebrity status to influence politics, but threatening to become a citizen of another country just because the current administration won't follow your suggestion that Taiwan ought to host an LPGA event? That sounds pretty extreme to me. Why not first try to find another Taiwanese politician or party that will back you up?

Now that Michelle Wie is reportedly leaving William Morris and joining Tseng with IMG, maybe the two rivals can team up and lobby for their management agency together the next time they're in Taiwan. Or maybe they can really set a new standard and seek citizenship in a corporation rather than a nation.

[Update 1 (11:24 am): Strege just blogged on another story, on Christina Kim's lawsuit against a Korean newspaper, that Tseng should be looking at and thinking about very carefully.]

[Update 2 (11:32 am): Thanks to Bill Jempty for pointing me to this thoughtful and funny post by Brian, which lead me to this one by Kushibo.]

[Update 3 (1:34 pm): Got the link from Shackelford--Wie has signed with IMG. Funny that the Bloomberg piece doesn't mention Tseng as another IMG golfer. Not really! She's not on Tiger's or Annika's level--but then, neither is Wie.]

[Update 4 (3/15/09, 12:14 am): Here's an update on the Tseng story.]

[Update 5 (3/19/09, 10:14 am): Here's the IMG press release on Wie.]

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