Sunday, May 24, 2009

Corning Classic Sunday: What a Finish!

Got up at 4:45 am today (thank you, jet lag!), snuck into the kitchen, turned on the tv, turned down the volume, and started hunting for the Japanese coverage of the Corning Classic, ready to cheer on Ai Miyazato, Seon Hwa Lee, and In-Kyung Kim. But wait, why was the channel it was supposed to be on all staticky? My unsuccessfully stifled cry of dismay brought the Full Metal Archivist from the futons in the family room, but the most she could do for me was tell me she'd never seen that channel go down in her life. Great!

As long as I was up, I decided to keep channel surfing and checking back on the right one, in hopes that coverage would start at 5...or 5:15...or 5:30.... At some point, the static turned into a test signal, which turned into a station identification message, which turned back into a test signal, which turned infomercial?! Yup, the Mostly Harmless Jinx had well and truly struck me. It wasn't until after 7 am that a news program announced that Mika Miyazato had finished 4th (-19) and Ai Miyazato 5th (-17), but with my mother-in-law fast asleep in the computer room and my girls wide awake downstairs, there was no hope of finding out what happened to anyone else.

So you can imagine my surprise when I finally got on-line a few minutes ago and discovered that Ya Ni Tseng birdied 2 of her last 3 holes to tie and then pass the leader in the clubhouse, Paula Creamer, who had dropped her 2nd straight 65 on the field to post a -20 total for the tournament--and that Soo-Yun Kang, whose birdie at 16 had briefly given her the outright lead until Tseng had tied her at -21 with her birdie on 17, bogeyed the final hole to hand Tseng her long-awaited 2nd career LPGA victory. Thankfully, Hound Dog decided to live-blog the final round, so even those like me who missed the TV coverage can get a sense of how the action unfolded. Can't wait to see what he adds to his scoreboard watching after he's processed what he watched on Golf Channel!

[Update 1 (5/25/09, 8:36 pm): Here are Hound Dog's key observations, as well as comments by Jeff Skinner.]

[Update 2 (9:00 pm): Happy Fan has the details on the great competition between the top 2 youngsters on the KLPGA in a final-round match-play showdown that went 27 holes!]

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