Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Doggie Goes to Japan

Another great story from Grandpa Bob!

Doggie Goes to Japan

One day, doggie went for a walk looking for fun. He heard from some kids who were playing that onechan and imoto were going to Japan. “I’ll go to Japan, too,” he said to himself, “and surprise them. Besides I heard the noodles are very good there!”

So Doggie went to the airport to buy a ticket to get on an airplane to Japan. He was surprised when the ticket man told him they only sell tickets to people. “No dogs allowed!” the man said sternly.

Doggie didn’t think this was fair. Why shouldn’t dogs be able to go to Japan on an airplane?

But then the ticket man felt bad that he had been mean to Doggie. He said, “If you go to the next counter, you will find “Hide a Bone” Airlines. They sell tickets to dogs. In fact, they sell ONLY to dogs. It’s an airline for dogs!”

Doggie went to the next counter and asked for a ticket to Japan but didn’t know what to do when the ticket man there asked him for money. Doggie didn’t have any money! What was he to do?

Then he had a great idea. “If you give me a ticket,” said Doggie, “I will go for walks with you when I get back and play ball with you, too.” The man thought that was a great idea and gave Doggie a ticket to go to Japan and another one to go home with. Doggie got on the plane and slept most of the way to Japan.

When he got to Tokyo, he ate noodles along with a bone. He loved the food and everyone was nice to him. Then he saw onechan and imoto coming out of the airport with their mom and dad. He went to play with them and thought he would have a really good holiday in Japan!

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Frankie C said...

Dogs don't particularly like noodles. The bigger question is: CAN CHARLES BARKLEY DUNK?

With one swing of the club an epiphany will occur. Charles Barkley, using the Over The Top Golf swing, will begin ruling the fairways. His golf shots will be long and straight and he will be smiling.
If he never contacts me, though, he deserves to remain in his frustrated state forever.
I have spammed the internet enough that Sir Charles knows of my swing and my boast that it is the only panacea that can alleviate his misery.
You can lead a former NBA player to donuts but you can’t make him dunk.
it's a slam dunk