Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Evian Masters Pairings

The Evian Masters just announced their Thursday pairings and let's just say that they're pretty awesome. They honor their multiple winners Rachel Hetherington and Laura Davies by putting them with Karrie Webb at 11:31 am, followed by American winners Paula Creamer, Natalie Gulbis, and Juli Inkster. They generally tried to make their threesomes include an American, Asian, and European player, but broke with that principle enough to make things interesting, as with the Ai Miyazato, Mika Miyazato, Momoko Ueda pairing at 11:00 am or the Candie Kung, Se Ri Pak, Ya Ni Tseng pairing at 10:27 am. If I were there instead of here, though, the only pairing that might tear me away from Ai-chan and Momo-chan would be In-Kyung Kim, Morgan Pressel, and Katherine Hull at 9:43 am, although for sheer entertainment value, it would be fun to be a spotter for the Pat Hurst, Jee Young Lee, Brittany Lincicome team of bombers. Now I gotta figure out the time zones to see if I can catch any action on Evian Masters TV.

[Update 1 (4:21 pm): Brian Heard profiles Amy Yang in advance of her 7:22 am starting time Thursday with Yuko Mitsuka and Anja Monke.]

[Update 2 (7/22/09, 4:56 am): Check it out! Stephanie Wei scored an interview with Natalie Gulbis in NYC before she left for Evian (Natalie, not Stephanie)!]

[Update 3 (5:44 am): Just realized that Heard's claim that Yang is the only Korean player on the LPGA to come via Australia is wrong. Haeji Kang is another one coming out of this pipeline.]

[Update 4 (11:11 am): Speaking of Australia, Hound Dog has a great profile of Lindsey Wright. She's paired with Hee Young Park and Meena Lee, heading off at 9:10 am tomorrow.]

[Update 5 (11:20 am): Golf Observer finally has their player history chart up. Looks like I was an idiot not to pick Lorena for a top 5, much less a top 15!]


IceCat said...

France and the rest of the Central European time zone is 6 hours ahead of North American Eastern time, except for those few weeks during spring and autumn when the conversion to and from DST doesn't synch up. Thus 0700 in France = 0100 EDT.


The Constructivist said...

Thanks, Kevin. Does this mean you'll be watching, too?

IceCat said...


The Constructivist said...

Might not be worth it. Last year there was a fixed camera at 18, about a million miles from the action, and the players were so small I couldn't tell Alfredsson from Park or Choi!