Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Things I Do for My Readers

Hound Dog's regulars already know about the Mirassou wine LPGA sweepstakes, but for any of mine who aren't one of them, here's the set-up to my punch line:

One winner and a guest will receive the California wine and golf getaway of a lifetime, including round-trip air transportation to San Francisco, hotel accommodations, VIP passes to the CVS/Pharmacy LPGA Challenge tournament, a meet-and-greet with an LPGA player, and more. Plus, the winners will also dine California-style at a special dinner with wine expert David Mirassou. Visit to enter now through July 31.

Since courtgolf and Tim Maitland have both publicly questioned my Ai Miyazato fanboy standing, I went ahead and entered this contest. So I'm counting on all of you not to. At least until after July 31st. I mean, the Full Metal Archivist and I are taking the girls to Skate Canada to watch Daisuke Takahashi's comeback attempt around Thanksgiving, but how cool would it be for us to escape from them enjoy a romantic getaway the last week of September? We deserve an Ai-chan/Dai-chan double shot, right? Right?!

This post was brought to you the Mostly Harmless Ai Miyazato Half Week organizing committee.


tim said...

Not just questioned, but ridiculed, derided and lamented! We know how much it means to you Brucey-baby!!! So where's the cake and ice cream? The daily popping of champagne corks? The tickertape parade through Constructivipolis?

Ai Miyazato half-week? That's like only taking half a day off work for your own wedding.

No-one's questioning your commitment to the cause... it's just that now the moment you (and Ji-Yai's caddie Deane Herden - when we shared a room at the Honda LPGA Thailand he was adamant) predicted and longed for has finally come we expect more! Have you changed all your daughters middle names to Ai by deed poll? Construct(ivist)ed a 30-foot high commemorative statue on the front lawn? Got blind drunk 48 hours? We, the people of plant earth, demand a grandious gesture, not just a "half week".

The least you could have done is re-posted my article from mid-February and hailed me as a visionary :-P

The Constructivist said...

I think I'll start referring to her as Ai-sempai now, like Mika Miyazato does. Enough for ya? ;)