Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kia Classic Preview, Predictions, Pairings

Work continues to grind me into as pulp, so I'll point you to Hound Dog's preview of the Kia Classic, the program (as discovered by IceCat), and note that a long course with narrow fairways and small greens favors the straight shooters of the LPGA, but leaves the door open for a precision player who's hitting her long irons well and a bomber who's hitting her short irons well. So with that in mind, here are my late entries in this week's PakPicker over at Seoul

1. Miyazato Ai
2. Kerr
3. Pettersen
4. Wie
5. Kim Song-Hee
6. Ochoa
7. Webb
8. Tseng
9. Yoo
10. Shin
11. Stanford
12. Ueda

Alts: Seo; Hjorth; Lee Jee Young

With a field this packed, I fully expect to come in last this week. Speaking of Seoul, be sure to follow the on-site reports from Verdant Garden, IceCat, and None.

As for the pairings, I'm going to have to let you look for yourself. Yes, this is my Worst. Preview. Post. Ever. My deepest apologies to my regulars and to the LPGA!

[Update 1 (12:10 pm): Here's Jamie's preview and profiles of the Monday qualifiers and sponsor exemptions.]

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