Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Recommended Reading: On the Futures Tour's Grand Finale

Check out the LPGA's set-up of the Futures Tour's grand finale in Albany this week. Their run-downs of the race for the top 5 on the money list and full LPGA status for 2011 and for 2010 Rookie of the Year should get everyone up to speed. And their reminder of the numerous ways to tune in online is timely. I'm bringing the girls to my folks' place to hook up with my brother's family for Labor Day weekend, so no Albany trip for me. But I'll try to cover what I can from afar!

[Update 1 (9/2/10, 5:19 pm): One of the above articles was by the Futures Tour's Lisa Mickey. Can you guess which one? Another of hers on Cindy LaCrosse was featured on today, but I linked to the FT archive. Some real great golf writing there.]

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