Monday, February 28, 2011

The 2011 Worldwide Women's Developmental Tour Schedule

Don't have very good status--or any--on the LPGA, JLPGA, KLPGA, or LET but still want to play golf professionally? Then the world's developmental tours are perfect for you! Here's a handy-dandy guide to playing opportunities custom-made for up-and-coming female pros, from the major tour-affiliated organizations like the Futures Tour in the USA, the Step-Up Tour in Japan, the Dream Tour in Korea, and the LET Access Series in Europe to mid-size tours like the ALPG in Australia, the LAGT in Asia, and the CLPGA in China, to the even smaller ones like the TLPGA in Taiwan, the CN Canadian Women's Tour in Canada, the Generali Ladies Tour in Europe, the Cactus Tour in Phoenix, AZ, and the SunCoast Series in Florida. You'll note from the list of winners and links to leaderboards that a good number of big-time players will often compete on these developmental and mini-tours, so don't take them too lightly!


2-3 St. Georges Basin Country Club Pro-Am (ALPG) JOANNE MILLS

17-19: Hyundai China Ladies Open (CLPGA/KLPGA) HYE YOUN KIM


6-8 Royal Open (TLPGA) MI RIM LEE
8-9 Xstrata Coal Branxton Golf Club Pro-Am (ALPG) RACHEL BAILEY

12 NRE Gujarat Russell Vale Challenge Cup (ALPG) RYANN O'TOOLE
13-14 Moss Vale Golf Club Classic (ALPG) KATHERINE HULL
14-16 Taifong Open YA NI TSENG

16-17 Mount Broughton Classic (ALPG) KATHERINE HULL
18-20 Orange Tree Country Club (SCS) CINDY LACROSSE
21-23 Bing Lee Samsung NSW Women's Open (ALPG) CAROLINE HEDWALL; Hitachi Classic (TLPGA) PORNANONG PHATLUM

24-26 West Orange Country Club (SCS) LAURA DIAZ
28-30 ActewAGL Royal Canberra Ladies Classic (ALPG) ASHLEY ONA [a]
31-2/2 The Legacy (CT) MINDY KIM


1-3 Red Tail Country Club (SCS) MOIRA DUNN
3-6 Women's Australian Open (ALPG/LET) YA NI TSENG

7-9 Papago (CT) JULIE YANG [a]
8-10 Magnolia Plantation (SCS) CHELLA CHOI
10-13 ANZ RACV Ladies Masters (ALPG/LET) YA NI TSENG

14-16 Wigwam Red (CT) ALENA SHARP
15-17 Mission Inn Resort--Las Colinas (SCS) HYUN-JI KIM
17-20 Pegasus New Zealand Women's Open (ALPG/LET) KRISTIE SMITH

22-24 CC of Mount Dora (SCS) KRIS TAMULIS
24 Lady Anne Funerals Ryde Parramatta Pro-Am (ALPG) SARAH KEMP
24-26 Yumeya Championship (LAGT) SAKURA YOKOMINE

28-3/2 Ocotillo (CT) MINA HARIGAE

MARCH 2011

1-3 LPGA International--Champions (SCS) PAIGE MACKENZIE

7-9 Florida Women's Open (CT) ISABELLE BEISIEGEL

14-15 Encanterra (CT) JENNIFER JOHNSON
15-17 Zellwood Station CC (SCS)
16-18 Terre Blanche Ladies Open (LETAS/GLT) HENRIETTA ZUEL

21-23 Palm Valley--Palms (CT) JOY TROTTER
25-27 Florida's Natural Charity Classic (FT) TZU-CHI LIN

29-31 Mission Inn Resort--El Campeon (SCS) RACHEL CONNOR

APRIL 2011

1-3 Daytona Beach Invitational (FT) HARUKYO NOMURA; Shanghai Classic (CLPGA) LI YING YE; Q-School [for foreign players] (CLPGA)
5-7 Falcons Fire GC (SCS) NICOLE HAGE

8-10 Santorini Riviera Navarit Classic (FT) RYANN O'TOOLE
11-13 Seville (CT) JOY TROTTER
12-14 Rock Springs Ridge (SCS)
13-15 La Nivelle Ladies Open (LETAS/GLT)

22-24 Yangzhou Challenge (CLPGA)

25-26 KLPGA Dream Tour #1
25-27 The Legacy (CT)
26-28 Harmony Golf Preserve (SCS)
29-5/1 Symetra Classic (FT)

MAY 2011

2-4 Southern Dunes (CT)
3-5 Eastwood GC (SCS)

10-12 Stoneybrook East GC (SCS)
11-12 KLPGA Dream Tour #2
12-14 Dinard Ladies Open (LETAS/GLT)
13-15 Kansas City Championship (FT)

16-18 Squamish Valley GC (CWT)
20-22 Beijing Renji Challenge (CLPGA)

27-29 Beijing Pearl Challenge (CLPGA)
30-31 KLPGA Dream Tour #3

JUNE 2011

2-3 Grand Course Rijasukuresuto (SUT)
3-5 Ladies Titan Tire Challenge (FT)

7-8 KLPGA Dream Tour #4
10-12 Teva Championship (FT)

13-14 KLPGA Dream Tour #5
13-15 Club de Golf Beloeil (CWT)
16-19 Tate & Lyle Players Championship (FT)

24-26 Island Resort Championship (FT); Caofeidian Challenge (CLPGA)

27-29 Blue Springs GC (CWT)

JULY 2011

1-3 Yantai Yangmadao Challenge (CLPGA)

7-8 ANA Princess Cup (SUT)

13-14 KLPGA Dream Tour #6
15-17 ING New England Golf Classic (FT)

22-24 The International at Concord (FT)
25-26 KLPGA Dream Tour #7

27-28 Kasutororuredisu (SUT)
29-31 Alliance Bank Golf Classic (FT)


1-2 KLPGA Dream Tour #8
4-7 Imperial Springs LPGA (CLPGA/LPGA)
5-7 Pennsylvania Classic (FT)

8-9 KLPGA Dream Tour #9
8-10 Whirlwind (CT)
12-14 Richmond Golf Classic (FT); China vs. Korea (CLPGA/KLPGA)

15-17 Ocotillo (CT)

22-23 KLPGA Dream Tour #10
22-24 The Legacy (CT)
26-28 Vidalia Championship (FT)

29-31 Wigwam Red (CT)


1-4 "WO" China Golf Pro-Am Championship (CLPGA)

6-8 Southern Dunes (CT)
7-8 KLPGA Dream Tour #11
9-11 Price Chopper Tour Championship (FT); China vs. Chinese Taipei (CLPGA/TLPGA)

16-18 Wenzhou Yangyi Challenge (CLPGA)
17-18 Women's Cup Sanyou Newspapers (SUT)

23-25 Wuhan Challenge (CLPGA)
27-28 KLPGA Dream Tour #12


6-7 KLPGA Dream Tour #13

11-13 TBA (CT)
12-13 KLPGA Dream Tour #14
13-14 Aso Guranvirioredisu Rutoinkappu (SUT)
13-15 Trophee Preven's (LETAS)

17-20 AZ Open (CT)
19-20 KLPGA Dream Tour #15
21-23 Sanya Ladies Open (LAGT/CLPGA/LET)

24-26 Palm Valley--Palms (CT)
28-30 Suzhou Taihu Ladies Open (LAGT/CLPGA/LET)


7-9 Ocotillo (CT)

14-16 The Legacy (CT)
17-19 Murcia Ladies Open (LETAS)
18-20 Zhuhai Challenge (CLPGA)


2-4 Hero Honda Women's India Open (LAGT/LET)

16-18 Ladies Indonesia Open (LAGT); China Ladies Open (CLPGA/KLPGA)


diane said...

I can't imagine how much work was needed to compile this list. Were the minor Asian tours kind enough to provide English versions of their Web sites? I had no idea this many opportunities existed.

Bruce said...

Thanks, Diane. Did it over the course of several weeks. JLPGA's Step-Up Tour sked is only in Japanese, but google translate is good enough for that. Got KLPGA info. from Happy Fan at Seoul The other Asian ones have pretty good English pages.