Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lots of Questions to be Answered This Year. I Hope.

After what seemed like an eternity, we are now underway with 2011 LPGA season.

If 2010 was any indication, expect another exciting year on the horizon.
As was the case last season, I can see continued tight races for all the major awards.

I see the Player of the Year, Vare Trophy and Rookie of the Year races going down to the wire. We even have the added exciement of this being a Solheim Cup year.

I am also hoping that this year I will get the answers to some of the questions that have been rolling around in my head. These are my top 10.

1- Is Paula Creamer finally healthy and ready to return to the form which brought her 4 trophies in 2008?

2- Can Michelle Wie climb to the next level while taking exams?

3- Was Azahara Munoz really the best player to come out of the 2010 crop? Was she even the best Spaniard?

4- How many more times will Suzanne Petterson be a bridesmaid before finding the winner's circle again?

5- Will the Miyazatos join the Kims with 2 players in the top ten in the world?

6- Is Alexis (Lexi) Thopson ready to compete on an elite level with the big girls at the age of 16?

7- Will the number 1 player in the world continue to change on a weekly basis, or will someone step up and dominate?

8- Will Song-Hee Kim reach 50 top 10s (she has 34) before she actually wins?

9- Can the United States retain the Solheim cup for a 4th consecutive year, playing on the road in Ireland?

10- And finally my most important question. With all the efforts these girls are making on and off the golf course, will they finally be rewarded with more tournaments in the year 2012?

I actually have other questions but I will be a very happy camper if I can get the answers to the majority of the above in the coming year.

Please feel free to comment on any of my questions or add some of your own.

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WooIsMe said...

To some of your questions:

#1) Creamer said in an interview at LPGA Thailand that she is healthy and has been "working hard." Very different story than limiting herself to a small bucket a day.

#7) With 6 weeks of 2011 in the books, I'd rephrase this question, "Will Yani Tseng follow in Annika and Lorena's footsteps and start a long dominant run at #1, or will someone stay within shouting distance?"