Sunday, March 13, 2011

Another JLPGA Event Cancelled

From's summary of Kyodo news stories:

TOKYO - The Ladies Professional Golfers' Association of Japan said Sunday it has cancelled the T-Point Ladies due to the effects of Friday's massive earthquake in the country.

The T-Point Ladies was scheduled to be held for three days from March 18 at Takamaki Country Club in Kagoshima Prefecture.

Here's what google translate did with the JLPGA's announcement:

The impact of northeastern Taiheiyou earthquake, March 18, 2011 in Kagoshima Prefecture, Kagoshima Maki Takashi Country (Fri.), scheduled to be held from Orimashita "T Point Ladies Golf Tournament" held was discontinued.

Earthquake aftershocks in Taiheiyou in northeastern regional, domestic turmoil that followed, such as transportation, given the feelings of all our affected people and held discontinued.

Everyone of the fans had been looking forward to the tournament, and everyone was very sorry the venue is just a few, thank you for your understanding and ask everyone to bear with us.

For organized tours in the future, I will inform you as soon as determined.

People of all the victims in northeastern Taiheiyou earthquake, I would like to sincerely sympathy.

Looking ahead at the schedule, the tour is set to resume play in April, moving to the Kinki region in south-central Honshu and then to Kyushu before returning to Shizuoka Prefecture in south-central Honshu and Chiba Prefecture to the east. So location alone wouldn't lead you to believe those tournaments would be cancelled. But it's far too soon to tell what other factors could be in play. With the probability of a nuclear disaster in Fukushima still far too high, the death toll from the quake and tsunami expected to rise over 10,000 as the rescue-and-relief effort expands, widespread shortages of water, food, and power and massive disruptions of the transportation and communication infrastructures across eastern Japan, and very large aftershocks still rocking the region, I wouldn't be at all surprised if the JLPGA decided to delay the restart to the 2011 season yet further.

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