Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Morning Fog or Let's Roll the Tape--Why the Honda Classic Was on Tape Delay

Yesterday's PGA Tour stop in Palm Beach Gardens was over a little over 90 minutes before the NBC telecast ended. A blogger or two had made note of it.

Here's why it's like that. It is called Eastern Standard Time. Sunset came last night at 6:25 p.m. If the golf had come to an end at 6 p.m and there was a tie, it would most likely have meant a Monday finish. The 2007 Honda Classic ended that way.

This obvious reason for the tape delay is eluding people for some reason. NBC also has its obligation to the NHL which they also broadcast on Sundays. Another thing, the Honda Classic has regularly been shown on tape delay. This year wasn't the first time, it's been an almost yearly feature of the tournament for a decade.

Jonathan Wall at Devil Ball Golf got it right as to why the tournament finished when it did. I don't understand why others are unable to put two and two together. Call it always having to have something to complain about that afflicts golf bloggers and writers and seems to pop up with almost every other PGA tournament.

Author's note: I live in Florida. The Honda Classic is played 25 miles from my home. I am very familiar with the tournament's history. 5 brownie points to the person who can tell me what golfer birdied the last five holes to win this tournament one year and 5 more points if you can tell me who the runner-up was.

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