Sunday, October 30, 2011

Skate Canada Saturday: Patrick Chan Makes It 2 in a Row

Heading out to the gala practice now, so no time to do anything but congratulate Patrick Chan on his 2nd-straight Skate Canada victory and embed some youtube clips from the leaders:

Here's the winner:

Here's our guy Daisuke, who had a real opportunity to take the title after Chan made some uncharacteristic mistakes, but came out flat himself:

I wonder if he tweaked his skate or his ankle or knee when he landed his next-to-last warm-up jump badly? Looked like he was worried about his landings early in program....

Fernandez also had a chance to take it, but looked like he got conservative:

All in all, not such great skating from the leaders. I don't like it when the results are left in the judges' hands. Too bad nobody stepped up and won this thing convincingly.

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