Saturday, September 1, 2012

Back to School: 240 Hopefuls Set to Tee off in the 1st Stage of LPGA Q-School on September 4th

Onechan and imoto go back to school this coming Tuesday and so do the 240 golfers on the preliminary field list for the 1st stage of LPGA Q-School

Imoto has the same teacher that onechan did in 1st grade, so that helps reduce any anxiety she may be feeling.  I wonder if playing the same course as usual--LPGA International in Daytona Beach--will have the same effect for those familiar with playing in this stage.  Let's see how well Mexico's Violeta Retamozo, Ecuador's Kitty Hwang, Colombia's Paula Hurtado, Argentina's Maria Laura Elvira, Arizona's Taylor Karle, California's Hwanhee Lee, Moah Chang, and Kim Welch, Nevada's Seema Sadekar, Georgia's Garrett Phillips, and New York's Danielle Downey and Jillian Fraccola can make use of their experience.

Onechan has a new teacher for 3rd grade and there are plenty of big names breaking similarly new ground in their own careers:  Cheyenne Woods, Moriya Jutanugarn, Jaye Marie Green, Brooke Pancake, Austin Ernst, Guilia Molinaro, Lisa McCloskey, Tiffany Lua, Lee Lopez, Sally Watson, Kayla Mortellaro, and Ashley Ona. 

Angela Park, a former Rookie of the Year on the LPGA, qualified via the Futures Tour the 1st time around, so this is her Q-School debut, too.  I'll be rooting for her, along with New Yorkers Downey, Fraccola, Kristina Wong, Jeanine Aronica, and Michele Low, and J-golfers Rui Yokomine, Keiko Kubo, and Keiko Kiyomoto, most intensely.  But good luck and good golf to all!

[Update 1 (9/4/12, 10:34 pm):  Here's a great preview from Brent Kelley and here's the leaderboard.]


Tony Jesselli (Tonyj5) said...

Glad to see you are on top of this. I find this one of the real exciting times of the year. It is a shame that it is so underpublicized. It's nervous time for me because I know so many of these girls. You listed most of my favorites and I'll add Emily Tally to the list.

I was shocked to see both Melissa Reid and Lee Ann Pace entered in round 2.

ba san said...
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