Monday, October 1, 2012

The End of an Era: Mi Hyun Kim Joins Grace Park in Retiring This Year

Read all about Mi Hyun Kim's decision to retire from competitive golf after the Hana Bank Championship over at Seoul  Between the push of a severe left ankle injury resulting from her huge swing and, no doubt, the pull of motherhood and a new chapter in her life, she's decided it's time to hang up her softspikes this month. 

She was always one of my favorite players on the LPGA--and not just because I'm obligated to pull for short athletes (Spud Webb, Muggsie Bogues, Joe Morris, and so on).  In her prime, she could beat anyone on tour, as her 8 career wins attest.  I'll sure miss seeing and interviewing her at the Wegmans LPGA Championship. Whether her fans will remember her as Kimmee, Peanut, or Super-Peanut remains to be seen, but we'll all treasure the fierce competitiveness, great generosity, and warm spirit she brought to the game.

[Update (10/10/12):  Here's bangkokbobby's tribute to Kim!]

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