Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Who Are Your Picks for the North Texas LPGA Shootout?

Looking at's, Steve DiMeglio's, Tony Jesselli's, and Ruthless Mike's previews of the North Texas LPGA Shootout, it's pretty obvious the players who will contend this week at Las Colinas must be good wind players, which to me translates to a combination of very solid ball-striking, good putting, the ability to grind, bounce back, and get on tears, and a good track record at traditionally windy events.  So who in the field meets these criteria?

Here are my picks for this week's Seoul PakPicker:

1. Miyazato Ai
2. Lewis, Stacy
3. Pettersen
4. Park Inbee
5. Stanford
6. Salas
7. Creamer
8. Choi Na Yeon
9. Webb
10. Kim In-Kyung
11. Kang Haeji
12. Ernst

Alts: Shin Ji-Yai, Ryu, Seo

Yes, I know many of Ai-sama's wins have come at hillier events, but I'm convinced she's very close to breaking through.  I would have put Stanford higher on my list, but even though she's putting great by her standards, she's not up to her usual stuff with the ball-striking so far this season.  I'll admit I picked Ernst not only because she's making a ton of birdies this year, but also because her first name is Austin.  Normally not a good enough reason to pick her ahead of Ji-Yai Shin, who's hitting an amazing 86% of her fairways, but I don't know the state of Ji-Yai's back, beyond the fact that she didn't play on the JLPGA as planned after the KNC.  I feel bad for leaving Catriona Matthew, Nicole Castrale, Gerina Piller, and Mo Martin off my list, but there's only room for 15.

So who are your top picks this week?

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