Sunday, October 7, 2007

Postmodern Sunday: Bakki and Sloucho

Sloucho is still far too busy to start posting here, but he just wrote what would have been a great one over at his paying gig at Fantasy Football Today on postmodern sport. Clearly he's angling for the postmodernism beat here at Mostly Harmless.

Or maybe the tsuma is. Thanks to her, I was able to introduce you earlier to Kimutaku and the Disney version of the "para para" dance that was popular in Japan around the turn into this millennium. Here are a few more versions (non-Disney) based around this character he created for the Smap x Smap variety show he and his bandmates have made the most popular in Japan. So without further ado, I present to you Bakki ... an elementary school: the park: a construction site: a disco bar:

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JP Stormcrow said...

I do think that some aspects of the increasingly explicit tie-in of commercialism to sports do have a post-modern aspect - a replacement of the "real" with the "hyperreal". (And I think the players and coaches have a better handle on this than most sportswriters.) For instance there was Mike Ditka's response to a reporter's gushing question about what using "The Fridge" as a running back meant. Ditka shot back that it meant Perry was about to become the richest lineman in the history of the NFL. If you listen to some of the athlete's local shows on local radio (especially the established secure - but non-superstar- ones like Hines Ward here in Pittsburgh) - you see that they clearly understand what a goof it all really is (and they are still guarded even here of course) - show up on time, don't rock the boat and do whatever thing you do and then all of "this" happens.

Obligatory Disney Tie-in:
I wonder what the response would be today if a free-spirited Super Bowl MVP came off the field and said "Whatever you do don't go to Disneyland, spend some real quality time with your family, go for a hike - it's cheaper and better." It would probably be "meet the new Michael Vick" time. Jerry Maguire got it half right - but it ain't heart you need to show. Duane Thomas had to be taken down for all of our sins.