Sunday, January 20, 2008

Playoffs: AFC/NFC Championship Games

Because everybody has a right to my opinion (optional quickie pre-requisite reading is here.)

Yes, I'm bringing the hate to the new england patriots (small case letters intentional sign of disrespect). Anyone who wants to get up on their high horse and preach about how we should all just enjoy watching the "marvel" that is the 2007-8 patriots can kiss my Black ass. (So pucker up, fools!)

But praise Gojira, I'm not going to spend time here listing all the reasons I hate the pats. Let's talk about some other stuff.

1. Brett Favre - Now, you might think I'd dislike Favre simply because all the hype he gets could indeed make one nauseous. But oddly enough, it doesn't bother me too much. Yes, the yearly "is he or isn't he" retirement drama gets tedious, but in general, I'm cool with the guy. That's mostly because to my knowledge he hadn't said or done anything particularly offensive or stupid.

2. New York Giants - It's rare indeed that I'm ever cheering for a New York team, but damn if I wasn't cheering my butt off for them last week to beat Dallas. (I'm not a New York hater, just a yankee hater). Dallas hasn't been good enough in several years to be "bring the hate" worthy, but now they have enough hate-worthy elements about them to makes watching them lose fun again. And last week was a crushing loss for Dallas. Tony Romo is now 0-for2 in the playoffs. As for head coach Wade Phillips? Please. That dude's always been a joke.

3. Colts - I find the Colts to be a very likable team, and had believed them to be the best hope for stopping the patriots. What the hell happened? Ugly, ugly, ugly loss to San Diego. Damn, even if they had managed to win, they were playing so badly, new england would have stomped the shit out 'em. Pitiful. Just pitiful.

4. San Diego - Well, it was a Pyhrric victory against the Colts. So now with injuries severely limiting if their QB and star running back Ladainian Tomlinson, an upset may take nothing less than all the curses Lord Astaroth can heap upon new england (and boy are they deserving of some fierce interrogation!), as well as the divine intervention of Gojira herself.

The patriots don't turn the ball over much, and it's very frustrating. I'd love to see them get a whole season's worth of turnovers in one game tomorrow. And if not tomorrow, in the Super Bowl. No, I'll never stop dreaming.

5. Ladanian Tomlinson - have you ever just stopped and taken in the name "Ladainian"? If you move beyond the sheer uniqueness of it (or "weirdness" if you feel that way), you'll notice it's a truly lovely sounding name. Elegant, yet stong. Rolls off the tongue like it's royalty or something. Say it a few times. Ladainian.

6. Cheering Squad - Obviously I'm cheering for San Diego. Well, to be accurate, it's more like "praying for a miracle" than actual cheering. As for the NFC, I'd just like to see a good, competitive, entertaining game. I'll be watching from Ministry of Justice HQ, where the high temperature is supposed to be 51 degrees. High temp in Green Bay is predicted at 11 degrees. Game time temp could be as low as 1 degree, with a wind chill factor of Sweet Lord Astaroth!


The Constructivist said...

sweet clip!

and I find myself agreeing with you on everything.

sorry for such a boring comment!

Oaktown Girl said...

TC - actually, I think it's great that you agree with me on everything here! (Long distance high-five!)

Yeah, that clip of Carl is great. Can you imagine how funny those "Carl" clips will be if the Giants win today and go to the Super Bowl?

spyder said...

3:51 in the first half to go, and it is essentially over. SD can't score a TD, and can't stop Pats. Sad Sad day. Perhaps a super-deep-freeze Lambeau can promote a stunning victory and allow the Packers to be the one team to put the big hurt on NE.

spyder said...

Wow, my cable went out at the 2 minute mark of the first half... and i missed SD trying to get back in it. Now may cable came back on and NE scores a momentum killing TD. therefore i need to only watch Fox now.. and ignore the AFC game hoping that by not watching it i can jinx the Pats.

Oaktown Girl said...

Well, San Diego scores zero touchdowns, giving it away to the pats. Doubly-frustrating because San Diego had all kinds of chances in the red zone and just couldn't get the job done. new england was basically begging to give the game to the Bolts, but San Diego kept saying, "Thanks, but no thanks". San Diego's injured and severely gimpy QB, Rivers, and Ladaininan being totally out of the game due to injury is hardly an excuse to blow all those opportunities.

So now it's on to who has the better chance to be the pats - Green Bay or the Giants? Well, Donald Driver just ran a zillion yards after the catch for a Green Bay TD as I write this. So now they are up 7-6.
spyder - can't believe your cable went out during the game. People in your area have got to be piiissssed off.

Oaktown Girl said...

As we begin the second half of the Green Bay/New York game, here's an outstanding post by Ian Welsh breaking down Essential Insanity, American style. Great read.

Oaktown Girl said...

Toward the end of the game, I actually started cheering for Green Bay (I had been neutral). I was thinking that since Eli Manning is such a circus as a QB, it was the Packers, with Favre, that had the best chance of beating the pats in the Super Bowl. Then lo and behold, Favre goes an throws and interception in overtime to give the game away to the Giants

All I can say is, well, maybe come Super Bowl time, the circus that is Eli Manning will feature skillful, death-defying acrobats, not swarms of large clowns in small cars.

The Constructivist said...

Maybe Carl will host the pregame show now!

Oaktown Girl said...

Maybe Carl will host the pregame show now!

That would be the best pregame show ever! (Of course, anything beats the current drivel).

JP Stormcrow said...

Late to the party - but maybe for the best as I am cheering for New England. Hello, Oaktown Girl!