Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cho Kawaii! The Evian Masters Junior Cup

Last year, the folks who run the Evian Masters started the Evian Masters Junior Cup, featuring national teams of 2 boys and 2 girls ages 14 and under.

This year, the U.S team will try to improve on last year's 3rd place finish (behind Japan and Spain). There are now 15 teams competing, including one from China for the first time, so the competition should be pretty intense.

On the lighter side, you should scroll through the team profiles to see the varieties of global English on display. Somebody isn't paying their translators enough! But there are some super-kawaii team messages, including one from Kyung Kim and Annie Park of the U.S. And they even have a Flickr slideshow! (What, no Facebook page? Kids these days.)

[Update 1 (4:52 pm): Here are the top 5 girls after the 1st round:

1 - Ai SUZUKI (Japan) 72 (E)
2 - Kyung KIM (USA) 72 (E)
3 - Daisy NIELSEN (Denmark) 74 (+2)
4 - Annie PARK (USA) 74 (+2)
5 - Natalia ESCURIOLA (Spain) 75 (+3)

Too bad they only show the top 10 scores on the website....]

[Update 2 (7/20/08, 2:04 pm): Here's the top 10 after the final round; I assume ties were decided by matching cards:

1st/E Kyung KIM (USA) 72-72
2nd/+4 Daisy NIELSEN (Denmark) 74-74
3rd/+5 Annie PARK (USA) 74-75
4th/+6 Caroline NISTRUP (Denmark) 78-72
5th/+6 Natalia ESCURIOLA (Spain) 75-75
6th/+8 Ai SUZUKI (Japan) 72-80
7th/+9 Ha Rang LEE (Spain) 77-76
8th/+11 Sophie LACROIX (France) 81-74
9th/+11 Laura LORENZEN (Germany) 76-79
10th/+11 Antonia SCHERER (Germany) 75-81

Here are the full girls' results.

By the way, check out the comments. They do have a Facebook site!]

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PP Mike said...

Good to see this great news on your blog.
Concerning the 1st round results, they are downloadable on and we have some pretty new video content.
About the Facebook page, type "I Love Evian Masters" in the group search box :)
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