Saturday, October 11, 2008

Longs Drugs Saturday: And Then There Were Two?

Let's examine the Longs Drugs Challenge by the numbers.

Number of players to break 70 3 times: 1 (In-Kyung Kim, -11)

Number of players to break 70 twice: 3 (Angela Stanford, -10; Mollie Fankhauser, -6)

Number of players to break par 3 times: 3 (Kristy McPherson, -5)

Number of players not to go over par: 6 (Ya Ni Tseng, -6; Brittany Lang, -3; Irene Cho, -1)

Number of players to break 70 who have also failed to break 75: 13 (Teresa Lu, -2; Wendy Ward, -1; Michele Redman, -1; Hee-Won Han, E; Mikaela Parmlid, E; Kate Golden, +1; Julieta Granada, +1; Reilley Rankin, +1; Maria Hjorth, +2; Sarah Lee, +2; Il Mi Chung, +2; Sophie Giquel, +3; Suzann Pettersen, +3)

The upshot? While it may look like a Sunday shootout is brewing between Kim and Stanford, anything can happen tomorrow.

[Update 1 (10/12/08, 10:33 am): Hound Dog has more, as does]

[Update 2 (10:42 am): Don't look now, but Golf Channel actually showed Kim in its highlights reel last night!]

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