Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sayonara, Bunker Shots

I was saddened to see that Randall Mell's employers are pulling the plug on his Bunker Shots. I appreciated his balanced, well-informed, and Morgan Pressel-centric perspective on the LPGA and am happy to hear his regular column will be unaffected by the end of his golf blog. But I was dismayed at the rationale that he wasn't getting "enough" readers, hits, and comments to justify the paper's "investment" in his blog. What about links? Just how many of all that does it take for a golf journalist to be allowed to keep a long-running and successful blog going?

Here's hoping Mell gets to resurrect Bunker Shots to live-blog the ADT Championship and Final Qualifying School at the end of this LPGA season.

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The Florida Masochist said...

It's a shame they ended the blog. I met Randall for the first time last year, and he's a good guy and a serviceable golf writer(Falling somewhere between Craig Dolch and Doug Ferguson). That's as long as he doesn't write about Tiger Woods changing diapers anymore or ever beat me to asking Young Kim about her hat again.