Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Meet Jeehae Lee

Speaking of wonder girls, the good people at Seoul have made a Futures Tour press release by Lisa Mickey introducing Jeehae Lee widely available. She's a Yale graduate who's fluent in Korean, Chinese, and English. And speaking of the Futures Tour, its members did pretty darn well at the LPGA's Q-School. Lee is only the 2nd-biggest surprise from last week, however. France's own Jeanne Cho-Hunicke, who came in next-to-last on the LPGA money list in '08 and did horribly at the FT Q-School, came out of nowhere to get Category 11 status. Lee and Cho-Hunicke will get their pick of events in '09. Good luck to them!

[Update 1 (2:41 pm): Dave Andrews has more on Lee.]

[Update 2 (5:00 pm): If Lee has a good '09, look for the Yale alumni office to come knocking on her door!]

[Update 3 (1/14/09, 8:10 pm): Ah, Yale is already courting her!]

[Update 4 (2/2/09, 2:21 am): Beth Ann Baldry profiles Lee.]

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