Saturday, February 14, 2009

Women's Australian Open Saturday: Walshe Takes Advantage of Moving Day

Alison Walshe posted her 2nd-straight 69 today in the Women's Australian Open to pull within 1 shot of leader Chang-Hee Lee. But it's anyone's tournament tomorrow, as 27 golfers are within 6 shots of the lead. Laura Davies' 67 shows she's still capable of playing at an elite level. And Karrie Webb is still within easy reach of her 3rd straight victory here. If Hye Yong Choi can break 70 for the 1st time this week, she may just walk away with the title.

Here are the top 10 and notables:

1st/-5 Chang-Hee Lee (69-70-75)
T2/-4 Alison Walshe (77-69-69), Beth Allen (73-69-73)
T4/-3 Hye Yong Choi (72-73-71), Emma Bennett (72-71-73), Karrie Webb (66-75-75), Tania Elosegui (69-72-75)
T8/-2 Laura Davies (74-76-67), Diana D'Alessio (72-76-69), Rebecca Hudson (72-74-71), Christel Boeljon (74-71-72), Clare Queen (70-75-72)

T13/-1 Anne-Lise Caudal (74-75-69), Melissa Reid (76-72-70), Hye Yoon Kim (70-73-75), Rebecca Flood (71-72-75), Marianne Skarpnord (71-71-76), Georgina Simpson (73-68-77)
T19/E Nikki Garrett (73-75-71), Beatriz Recari (70-77-72), Martina Eberl (72-73-74), Lynn Kenny (72-72-75), Joanne Mills (74-69-76)
T26/+1 Katherine Hull (76-74-70)
T31/+3 Tamie Durdin (78-74-70), Nikki Campbell (79-70-73), Sarah Oh (74-75-73), Il-Hee Lee (76-71-75)
T36/+4 Gwladys Nocera (79-73-71)
T39/+5 Aram Cho (75-77-72), Samantha Head (75-75-74), Becky Brewerton (75-73-76)
T45/+6 Rebecca Coakley (77-72-76), Trish Johnson (75-74-76)
T49/+7 Nina Reis (76-76-74)
T53/+8 Kristie Smith (80-74-73)
61st/+9 Lotta Wahlin (75-79-74)
68th/+13 Titiya Plucksataporn (81-73-78)
69th/+15 Stephanie Na (80-74-80)

[Update 1 (10:39 am): Liz White does a great job setting the scene for the final round.]

[Update 2 (10:45 am): As does Mark Hayes.]

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