Sunday, December 6, 2009

LPGA Q-School Saturday: Oh, Mannn!

Here's all you need to know about Saturday at LPGA Q-School.

LPGA to Mother Nature: Can the golfers trying to gain access to our tour in 2010 play a little golf today? It would be great if we could start at 11, but we'll take 1 or 3....
Mother Nature to LPGA: Golfers, no golfing! Golfers, no golfing! Golfers, no golfing!
Golfers: Oh, mannn!

The new plan is to resume the 3rd round in just under 6 hours. The goal is still to play out the full tournament, but didn't we hear that in Houston, too?

[Update 1 (2:24 am): I'm not sure if a reiteration counts as a clarification, but here's hoping the LPGA actually sticks to their rules for a playoff this time around:

The top 20 players at the conclusion of the event will earn Priority List Category 11. In the event of a tie, a playoff will decide the 20th position. Players finishing in the 21st through 30th spots will earn Priority List Category 16, followed by 31st to 40th, who will receive Priority List Category 20.

As I read this, it means no "not counting the Q-School results of someone in Category 11 or higher." Given that no one already in Category 11 is in the field, though, it doesn't seem to matter how I read this for this year. I wonder if the LPGA has rewritten eligibility rules to prohibit anyone in the #81 to #100 slots on the money list to enter Q-School? The highest-ranked player is Sarah-Jane Smith at #105.]

[Update 2 (2:31 am): Beth Ann Baldry does what she can with the situation. Interesting to hear that Alison Walshe plans to be seeking dual LPGA-LET membership. And that the LET moved up their Q-School from January to December.]

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