Thursday, March 18, 2010

2010 Futures Tour Preview: The Top 60

Picking up where I left off last March, I'm going to try to predict who will be in the top 60 on the Futures Tour money list and how they will stand at the end of the 2010 season. With so many players having membership on a variety of major and minor tours, it's going to be hard to predict who plays enough on the Futures Tour to end up on top. The Florida's Natural Charity Classic field gives some sense of who the FT regulars will be, but a lot of this is guesswork. The most talented players on this tour often graduate from it early.

1. Kristie Smith
2. Carolina Llano
3. Tiffany Joh
4. Jennifer Song
5. Nontaya Srisawang
6. Sophia Sheridan
7. Pornanong Phatlum
8. Christine Song
9. Paola Moreno
10. Jane Chin
11. Hannah Yun
12. Cindy LaCrosse
13. Whitney Wade
14. Jennie Lee
15. Virada Nirapathpongporn
16. Sarah-Jane Smith
17. Meredith Duncan
18. Jenny Suh
19. Nannette Hill
20. Libby Smith
21. Lisa Strom
22. Jessica Shepley
23. Lisa Ferrero
24. Adrienne White
25. Kitty Hwang
26. Sofie Andersson
27. Angela Buzminski
28. Gerina Mendoza
29. Jamie Hullett
30. Yoora Kim
31. Briana Vega
32. Ayaka Kaneko
33. Caroline Larsson
34. Mo Martin
35. Kim Welch
36. Janell Howland
37. Angela Oh
38. Stephanie Otteson
39. Jane Rah
40. Garrett Phillips
41. Ashley Prange
42. Lucy Nunn
43. Esther Choe
44. Sophie Jang
45. Hana Kim
46. Christi Cano
47. Min Seo Kwak
48. Stephanie Connolly
49. Hwanhee Lee
50. Perry Swenson-Livonius
51. Leanne Bowditch
52. Dewi Claire Schreefel
53. Hannah Jun
54. Alison Walshe
55. Mallory Blackwelder
56. Miriam Nagl
57. Lori Atsedes
58. Dorothy Delasin
59. Camila Mori
60. Lauren Doughtie


Mike said...

Is it still just the top 5 who get their cards, or has Whan changed that yet?

The Constructivist said...

Still just top 5 with real cards. #6-10 get such low status they need to go to Q-School to try to improve on it....

Awsi Dooger said...

Impressive list. Glad to see some emphasis of the Futures Tour.

I would go higher on Gerina Mendoza. She's was 8th in scoring average last year, below 71.8, despite a poor start to the season. Gerina said she plans to concentrate on DFT instead of juggling two tours with her low LPGA status. She didn't attempt LET.

I have a feeling Whan will bump the full status cards to 10 and put more money into the Futures Tour. Supposedly there was a much greater LPGA presence at the opening of the first DFT event yesterday.

The Constructivist said...

If Whan doesn't bump up the number of cards, tournaments, and purse sizes, you're going to see more FT candidates decide the LET, KLPGA, or JLPGA are a better use of their time and investment in their futures!