Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sybase Match Play Championship Saturday: Shin, Stanford, Yang, Yoo Your Final 4

I'll let Hound Dog and Stephanie Wei fill you in on the Saturday action at the Sybase Match Play Championship, as they did me, and just cut to the chase with the not unexpected damage to my brackets:

Whitworth Bracket
Round 3
Ji-Yai Shin (1) v. Beatriz Recari (62): SHIN 4&3
Michelle Wie (8) v. Karine Icher (57): N.Y. CHOI WIE 3&2

Ji-Yai Shin (1) v. Michelle Wie (8): N.Y. CHOI SHIN 2&1

Berg Bracket
Round 3
Ya Ni Tseng (4) v. Inbee Park (13): I. PARK TSENG 5&3
Sun Young Yoo (28) v. Song-Hee Kim (12): S.H. KIM YOO 1-up

Ya Ni Tseng (4) v. Sun Young Yoo (28): S.H. KIM YOO 2&1

Wright Bracket
Round 3
M.J. Hur (31) v. Catriona Matthew (15): A. MIYAZATO MATTHEW 19 holes
Amanda Blumenherst (55) v. Angela Stanford (10): STANFORD 20 holes

Catriona Matthew (15) v. Angela Stanford (10): A. MIYAZATO STANFORD 5&3

Sorenstam Bracket
Round 3
Amy Yang (30) v. Morgan Pressel (14): PRESSEL A. YANG 4&3
Jee Young Lee (27) v. Haeji Kang (61): J.Y. LEE H. KANG 1-up

Amy Yang (30) v. Haeji Kang (61): J.Y. LEE YANG 1-up

That leaves the following semi-final matches:

Ji-Yai Shin (1) v. Sun Young Yoo (28): N.Y. CHOI
Angela Stanford (10) v. Amy Yang (30): A. MIYAZATO

Going by who knocked off my picks for the finals (or who knocked off the player[s] who knocked them off), then, it'll be a Shin-Stanford final, so everyone can rest easy.

[Update 1 (2:27 am): Whoops, I've been missing Mike Southern's entertaining (and informative) Sybase blogging! Sorry, Mike, I turn in my grades and my life becomes a blur. What can I say? I blame the 4-year-old! No, wait, the 6-year-old!]

[Update 2 (2:36 am): Big chance for Bo Mi Lee in the KLPGA match-play event going on this week!]

[Update 3 (3:14 am): Good run-down on round 3 from Jeff Skinner.]

[Update 4 (4:22 am): Mike is also calling a Shin-Stanford final. I wouldn't be surprised at all, though, if Yoo takes down Shin and we have a Stanford-Yoo final. Both players have remarkably similar games--"straight shooters," in my system.]

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Mike said...

All is forgiven, TC. Grades always tend to cause brain blur. (The 4- and 6-year-olds are simply blurs!)

BTW, we got that Stanford-Yoo final after all. It's just hard to believe Shin got beaten on the par-3s!