Thursday, July 29, 2010

Futures Tour Road Trip: Da Plan

Well, my back is feeling pretty normal a week after I injured it, so I'm headed out early tomorrow morning to get to Drumlins East and follow Hannah Yun in the 1st group off the 1st tee at the Alliance Bank Golf Classic. After Yun finishes, I'll backtrack to catch Tiffany Joh's last few holes (she starts at 9 am), wait at 18 to see Jennifer Song and Cindy LaCrosse finish (they're 2 groups behind Joh), and take a little break. With luck, I'll be able to catch Esther Choe and Ayaka Kaneko as they make the turn and tee off on the 1st hole, but I think I'll follow Carolina Llano, Pornanong Phatlum, and Jane Rah in the group behind them. 2 groups behind them is Angela Oh's pairing and right after them is Virada Nirapathpongporn, so after they finish I'll definitely stick around by the 9th green. But that's probably a long enough day, so when I get tired of hanging around the putting green and the restaurant, I'll hit the road to Clinton and rest up for the weekend.

[Update 1 (7:24 pm): Hmm, my folks want to have lunch at the club house at noon, so backtracking to find T-Joh tomorrow is probably out.]

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