Saturday, July 31, 2010

Futures Tour Road Trip: Day 2 Plans

The tournament organizers reshuffled the pairings for the 2nd round of the Alliance Bank Classic, so everybody's grouped by score on Saturday. That leaves me with an interesting choice. I could go early and watch amateur and Manlius native Jillian Fraccola try to recover from today's disastrous finish on the easier front side of Drumlins East. Or I could follow Carolina Llano and Esther Choe who go off the front at the same time. But that means another early-morning wake-up and drive--and more tape-delayed Women's British Open viewing. Since all the leaders are going off in the afternoon, and Tiffany Joh and Christina Song are conveniently paired together at 1:20 (along with Garrett Phillips), with new pro Jennifer Johnson playing right behind them and the rest of the leaders afterwards, I'm leaning toward heading out for Syracuse at noon rather than 7 am. Plus it'll give my back that much more rest. That's the ticket!

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