Sunday, July 11, 2010

Paula Creamer Major Breakthrough Linkfest

I'm still trying to decide whether Paula Creamer's performance at Oakmont was actually more dominating than Cristie Kerr's at Locust Hill, and who is the best player in women's golf right now, but since I'm pretty indecisive, you're better off checking out the following tributes to Creamer's breakthrough U.S. Women's Open victory (listed in order in which I came across them, from oldest to newest).

Stephanie Wei
The Squire
Jay Flemma
Shane Bacon
Armchair Golfer
Karen Crouse
Jeff Skinner
Emily Kay
Ryan Ballengee
Hound Dog
Randall Mell
The Constructivist
Ron Cook
Stuart Hall
Gary Van Sickle
Charlie Rymer

More to come as they get written and found!

[Update 1 (9:03 pm): Oh, and here's a neat tribute: Creamer moved from 65th to 8th on the money list and Player of the Year race!]

[Update 2 (7/12/10, 7:38 pm): Here's the LPGA's mix-tape for Paula (seriously, it's articles from major newspapers).]

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