Sunday, July 18, 2010

Showdown on the Futures Tour: Tiffany Joh vs. Gerina Mendoza

Tiffany Joh was 5 shots down on Gerina Mendoza heading into today's final round at the ING New England Golf Classic, but she birdied 3 holes in a row early on the front and with a birdie on the par-4 14th she actually took a 1-shot lead on Mendoza, whose bogey on that hole was her 5th in her last 11 holes. But Mendoza birdied 18 just as she had birdied 1 to force a playoff at -10. We know Libby Smith (67) is 3rd at -7 and Jane Rah (65), Jenny Shin (68), and Lehua Wise (72) are at -6, but we don't yet know who the winner is.

[Update 1 (4:58 pm): The real-time scoreboard says both drives are in the fairway.]

[Update 2 (5:01 pm): T-Joh 23 feet right of pin, Mendoza on front fringe after spinning it back off the green. At least that's what I think "hits front of green and spins back 2 inches" means.]

[Update 3 (5:02 pm): Charlotte Mayorkas reads that the same way.]

[Update 4 (5:04 pm): You know T-Joh's cool b/c she has such sweet friends. Here's Mariajo Uribe from Evian!]

[Update 5 (5:05 pm): T-Joh 2-putted; Mendoza has a 2-footer to extend the playoff.]

[Update 6 (5:07 pm): Back to the 18th tee!]

[Update 7 (5:10 pm): Both players in the fairway, with Mendoza outdriving T-Joh.]

[Update 8 (5:13 pm): Both have 25-footers; T-Joh from short right, Mendoza from long left.]

[Update 9 (5:17 pm): Both 2-putt for pars.]

[Update 10 (5:20 pm): By the way, don't think this course is super-easy. LPGAers (either now or at 1 time) were over par for the tournament: Meredith Duncan (+1), Carolina Llano (+3), Virada Nirapathpongporn (+3), Jean Reynolds (+3), Briana Vega (+3), Sophia Sheridan (+4).]

[Update 11 (5:22 pm): Dave Andrews live-tweeting, too.]

[Update 12 (5:24 pm): T-Joh was the only player to shoot 3 sub-70 rounds. But now she has a 33-footer on #17 and may be showing Mendoza the line, as both are left and Mendoza's 9 feet inside her.]

[Update 13 (5:28 pm): T-Joh has a tester--a 4-footer to save par--while Mendoza has only 2 feet left.]

[Update 14 (5:32 pm): Both were aggressive and put their 1st putts by the hole. And both made their comebackers. On to the 18th for the 3rd time today!]

[Update 15 (5:35 pm): Mendoza is the longest hitter on tour, averaging over 268 yards per drive. But she put her drive on 18 into the right hazard. T-Joh's in the fairway. Again.]

[Update 16 (5:39 pm): T-Joh stuck her approach to 8 feet, while Mendoza missed the green 6 feet left. It's unclear what she lies.]

[Update 17 (5:42 pm): It's official: "Tiffany sinks her birdie putt for the win!"]

[Update 18 (5:54 pm): Mendoza moves up to #3 on the money list, Joh to #10, and Smith to #27. Only 5 tournaments left!]

[Update 19 (5:56 pm): Here's a photo of the awards ceremony from Cindy LaCrosse.]

[Update 20 (7/19/10, 7:05 pm): Here are Lisa Mickey's stories.]

[Update 21 (7/21/10, 4:30 pm): Great story on T-Joh's win last week and prospects this one by Gavin Faretra.]


courtgolf said...

What a playoff ! This could turn into a huge springboard for both of these "can't miss" players who have been struggling to really shine. I figured both would be well up towards the top of the money list heading to the LPGA.

Thanks for the updates, Con.

The Constructivist said...

More exciting than the Open Championship, that's for sure!

courtgolf said...

Exciting - in a different way. I thought that final round was fascinating and very exciting...just without two really cute players going head to head. :-)

2ndSwingGolf said...

After watching Mendoza on Big Break, I thought she had the game to make it. Fun to follow a career getting started.