Thursday, July 29, 2010

Will Waggle Room's Ryan Ballangee please pick up the red courtesy phone

Is there a GWAA award for factual mistakes per word written? In a fan shot today, Ryan wrote-

Tim Jackson set the 36 hole scoring record at last year's US Senior Open at Broadmoor, and is again in contention on day one of the Sahalee edition of the USSO.
Two factual errors in 31 words is pretty terrible blogging. What are those mistakes? Ryan linked to an article on the 2009 USSO.

CARMEL, Ind. (AP) — Tim Jackson has tied the U.S. Senior Open 36-hole scoring record, shooting a 5-under 67 in the second round for a 11-under 133 and a two-shot lead over Fred Funk.

1- Carmel Indiana is Crooked Stick, not Broadmoor. Ryan has fixed this mistake.


Isn't Snagit wonderful?

Ryan's 2nd(Or 3rd if you count his dismal failure to wipe out all trace of his latest golfwriting blunder.) mistake also stems from his poor reading comprehension.

2- Jackson didn't set the record for 36 holes. Dave Stockton set the record in 1992 and it has been tied or equaled since. One of which was by Jackson. The article used the word tied.

One error per 15.5 words is downright terrible. Brian Wacker formerly of Golf World needed 450 to make his six. If Ryan picks up the page, I'll suggest he take some remedial reading lessons.

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courtgolf said...

Yep - two mistakes and one corrected fairly quickly.

Now - should we also pull out the red flag for bad logic ? Since there were more than 31 words in the post, and the errors ended after those 31 words, your extrapolation into a mistake TREND is faulty logic, and therefore a cheap shot.

RB may have had two five yard penalties for proceedure, but you get a 15 yarder for unsportsmanlike conduct.

(yep - football season is almost here) :-)