Thursday, December 16, 2010

Check Out Who's Playing in LET Q-School!

No time to post on individual rounds at LET Q-School, but take a gander at the 1st-round results for who's trying for dual LPGA-LET membership. Here's a quick list:

Belen Mozo
Caroline Hedwall
Louise Friberg
Sara Brown

And check out who's going exclusively for the LET who's either had LPGA status in the past or tried for it this year:

Carly Booth
Johanna Lundberg
Danielle McVeigh
Mikaela Parmlid
Garrett Phillips
Nontaya Srisawang
Jaclyn Sweeney

As you can see, the LET isn't as much of a draw for new dual memberships as the JLPGA, but that's mostly because the top European players already had dual memberships to begin with and usually have no trouble at all finishing high enough up the LET money list in the few events they play over there each year to maintain them virtually indefinitely. In a sense, what's happened in recent years is that a good number of mid-level and near-elite Asian players have decided to follow the European model--just as Ai Miyazato and Ji-Yai Shin have been doing before them. Whether this trend continues and intensifies depends in part what the LPGA schedule looks like in coming years....

Much more on this when LET Q-School is complete--and my grading and our move is!


Mike said...

I thought Sara Brown would still try the LET-Q even after she got status on the LPGA, especially since she wasn't real high on the list. But all this bouncing around the planet the last few weeks has to be taking its toll.

How high does she need to finish in order to get her LET card?

The Constructivist said...


The Constructivist said...

From the LET site:

"The players are all seeking one of the 30 full LET cards on offer this week for a place on tour in 2011 in category 8a.

After four rounds, there will be a cut to the leading 50 players and ties. Those in positions 31 to 50 and ties will earn an exemption status in category 11a."