Saturday, December 25, 2010

Dear Santa: All We Want for QSMS Is...

...for you to cure Daisuke Takahashi's whiplash in time for the World Championships!

We know this comes a little late and you're really busy this time of year, but onechan and imoto have been really good, The Constructivist really likes Terry Pratchett's Hogfather and has done anime QSMS postings the past few years, and the FullMetal Archivist is Dai-chan's biggest fan, so please consider this request from a blended Buddhist-Jewish family just this one time.


The Constructivist, the Full Metal Archivist, onechan, and imoto

p.s.: This isn't just for us, but also for the 2010 Japanese National Champion, Takahiko Kozuka, who accidentally smashed into Dai-chan on the way down from a jump during a warm-up session at the Grand Prix Finals. He really shouldn't go down in history as the guy who ruined Dai-chan's maybe last chance to win the Grand Prix Finals and probably only chance to repeat as World Champion, right?

p.p.s.: Santa, please please please don't let whiplash end the career of a skater who came back from what's usually a career-ending knee injury for skaters faster and better than anyone thought possible! He wasn't even 100% at the Olympics and got the 1st medal ever by a Japanese male figure skater. And he wasn't much healthier when he got the 1st gold at Worlds by a Japanese male figure skater. Obviously he's a quick healer and super-tough, so can't you just speed the healing process up for him just a bit?

p.p.p.s.: Santa, if he could skate like this hurt--and move from 6th to 3rd in nationals--imagine how he could skate at 100%!

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